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Self is the one reality that always exists and it is by it's light all other things are seen."

- Sri Ramana Maharshi

Are you feeling the shift?

The ancient mystery schools taught that one’s true healing and awakening consisted of the correct use of energy and opportunity…

Life is a sacred and spiritual force. 

Sacred physics has proven that our concept of separation is only an illusion.

In the new paradigm, we are re-awakening to the inherent connection in all living things and the unlimited power of the Divine Self.

The Solutions to every challenge you may be currently facing can be found inside of you.

True intuitive guidance is rare and, thus, extremely valuable. 


Sacred Dynamics offers this rare intuitive guidance with training and support for healing and awakening. 

Embody the ancient quest back into the heart, the aligned path of the True Self, and the subsequent restoration of humanity. 


Drawing from timeless Self-knowledge; the wisdom of the Universal Heart, intuitive breath-work and mind training, holistic wellness tools, the five biological laws, mind-body training, and spiritual practices, we make the Quantum leap together. 

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"Sacred Dynamics is an exclusive, bespoke learning and mentorship process, intuitively drawing from ancient knowledge, Sacred sciences, timeless wisdom, energetic healing and awakening arts.

Self Mastery leads to Self Realization. This process also known as “The Great Work” in many sacred traditions of the world, and is the synthesis and actualization of the total holistic BEing."

- J Smith

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The Calling

From its very essence, Sacred Dynamics is a nucleus of living wisdom and flowing potential.

Skillfully take shape and awaken through healing, Self mastery, and the Self Realization process.

J launched Sacred Dynamics following a harrowing stage-four health journey, which became the catalyst for his transformational awakening and life's work.

Through unwavering devotion and laser-focused effort, J subsequently activated the Kundalini-Shakti light body, was flooded with pure love consciousness and became an intuitive instrument of service. 

With honor, J serves as a guide to navigating advanced healing and conscious awakening on the Spiritual path.

Unlock pure Self awareness, unleash intrinsic powers, and fully shine with the pure love and wisdom emanating from your core.

Are you feeling the call to work with natural laws, natural cycles and the rhythmic energies within? Sacred Dynamics clients learn to live effortlessly, thrive from a place of surrender, and flow with all of life.

“The spiritual, psychological, and holistic wellness guidance I have received from J has transformed my life." - Rob

Life Isn't Happening to You - Life is Responding to You

Ancient knowledge, timeless wisdom, heightened iIntuition, sacred breath-work, mind training, Self inquiry, spiritual practices, and holistic wellness tools are utilized to guide and support you on your path of healing and awakening, leading you deeply back into the Heart, True Self, and the highest vision for humanity. 

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Journey into the denser realms to reveal, accept and reintegrate splintered aspects of our totality which contain creative life force and vitality.

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Breath Work

Advanced Comprehensive yogic and contemporary breath-work guidance. Training techniques, tools and exercises for significant results - experience liberation while culminating exponential personal transformation.

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Heightened intuitive guidance and life direction through lucid states of Conscious awareness - offering valuable tools and support while unlocking hidden clues and soul gifts.

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Mind Training & Meditation

Decoding the complexity of the mind - Accessing powerful Meditative states of liberation - training & removing the difficulties of the busy-Mind through the simple yet profound.

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Yogic and Taoist influenced energy arts - tools and guidance for cultivating life force energy - awakening dormant life-force and Bio-Spiritual Activation.

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Sound Frequency Tuning

Applying harmonic frequencies & vibration to resolve, retune and awaken higher states of Being. Utilizing tools such as tuning forks, healing bowls, vocal tones, curated frequency music and more.

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Advanced Guided Healing

A Highly intuitive holistic guidance system unifying the Mind - Body - Spirit while removing barriers to access spontaneous healing quantum leaps.

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Heilkunde (GHK)

Learn and apply this powerful health knowledge through irrefutable natural laws and observable biological process to access spontaneous healing and personal medical sovereignty.

Explore and be moved by what’s moving us on the Sacred Dynamics Podcast

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