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We are gods of the atoms that make up ourselves but we are also the atoms of the gods that make up the universe. 

- Manly P. Hall

Advanced Self Mastery

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Self-Love Weekend Partnership


Sacred Dynamics is an exclusive, bespoke coaching system that draws from ancient and contemporary knowledge, science, wisdom and healing arts.

Self Realization, or “The Great Work” is known in many sacred traditions of the world, as the synthesis and actualization of the mind, body, and spirit." - J Smith

Are you feeling the shift?

Human beings cannot live without challenge. We cannot live without meaning. Everything ever achieved we owe to this inexplicable urge to reach beyond our grasp, do the impossible, know the unknown. 


The ancients would say this urge is part of our evolutionary heritage, given to us for the ultimate adventure: To discover for certain who we are, what the Universe is, and what is the significance of the brief drama of life and death we play out against the backdrop of eternity. 


In the end, all achievement is powered by desire. Each of us has millions of desires, from big to trivial, packed with a certain amount of will to get that desire fulfilled. Imagine how much power is latent in the human personality! 


With just a fraction of that potential young Alexander conquered continents. Rutan and Yaeger flew Voyager around the world. Einstein penetrated the heart of the universe. If a person could fuse all human desires, direct them like a laser, what would be beyond reach? 


This stupendous aim is the basis for the ancient practice of *Brahmavidya (To live as God) every desire for fulfillment in the world is recalled - not stifled, or repressed, but consolidated in one overriding desire for Self realization.


Contrary to a common misunderstanding, there is nothing drab or life-denying about this apparent reversal. The passion it requires is not different from what a great ballet dancer, or gymnast, or musician demands. 


In Sanskrit this ardent one-pointed, self transcending passion is called tapas, and the Vedas revere it as an unsurpassable creative force. From the tapas of God, the Rig Vedas says, the cosmos itself was born.  


- From the introduction in The Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran




Nature. Adventure. Art. Music. J’s childhood and connection to music led to challenging competitions and a university orchestra position at thirteen. This foreshadowed a trait that would later liberate him.


J, a natural influencer and leader, developed a dynamic career in sales and motivational coaching. His drive for personal development inspired him to practice wellness & yoga. Along the way, however, prioritizing career and gratification over expressions of art and music affected his balance. His life force began to break down.


A personal stage-four health challenge, dire prognosis and rapidly deteriorating health descent invoked a transformational journey, “dark night of the soul” and near-death experience. Seemingly on trial by fire, this young husband and father had his health and finances decimated. 


Stepping aside from allopathic medicine and against advised odds, valor prevailed and J subsequently began devoting thousands of hours into natural therapies, spiritual practice and study. He experienced a major wake-up call sequence and raised Kundalini, and the dis-ease was completely eradicated.


Now, helping others achieve Self Realization - the synthesis of the mind, body, spirit complex - is the culmination of J’s life’s work. This awakening, known as The Great Work in many sacred traditions of the world, is at the core of Sacred Dynamics.

“Sacred Dynamics is truly the next level of Self Mastery.” ~ Angie L.


Ancient Healthcare Modalities

Each session is customized to individual client needs and builds upon previous sessions, accelerating growth on multiple levels. See below for some of the modalities that may be used.

SD Breathwork Icon.png


Techniques, programs, and exercises focusing conscious awareness on transformation.

SD Med Icon.png


A practice that cultivates self-awareness, mindfulness and entrance into deeply held truths

SD Qi Gong Icon.png

Qi Gong

Tuning into the flow of energy within your body for self-healing and balance in yourself and others.

SD Crystal Therapy Icon.png

Crystal Therapy

Crystal vibrational frequencies relieve physical, emotional or spiritual issues and release Chakra energy blocks. 

SD Reconcilliation Icon.png


Revealing, forgiving and clearing elusive

shadows to 

uncover previously  untapped  potential


For years I was “happy” and comfortable living in the 3D matrix behaving inertially as a normal human. Today, after two years of practice, I understand what is and isn’t an illusion, thus focusing my energy on what really matters in life - the core of love and light. 

Through Sacred Dynamics, I’ve integrated into my practice different techniques that have given me amazing results. They include stress relief, weight loss, communication skills, compassion, true friendship, true love, appreciation, and much more. 

I encourage everybody to dive deep into your inner self and discover the magnificence of your being.

- Rodrigo V.


I have been working with J for nearly two years and the spiritual, psychological, and holistic wellness guidance I have received from J has transformed my life.


Several medical conditions have been eradicated, including an impending knee replacement that has become unnecessary, allowing me to play sports, painlessly, 4 - 5 times a week.


Moreover, I have experienced my true spiritual essence. Through personalized qigong, breath work and meditation practices I have reached a deep calm and happiness and have learned how to stay connected to myself at a deeper level than I knew existed.


Thank you for everything Jason!

-Rob Z.


 "... a beautiful, emotional, amazing experience that I could have never imagined! I can honestly say that today, for the first time in my life I felt fully, completely in the moment and where I was supposed to be, and so filled with gratitude. 


I had a peaceful, calm release, no expectations or judgement of myself or anyone. I got a glimpse of the freedom to just be me and it was so uplifting to my spirit & my heart.  You are truly gifted and I am eternally grateful that you so generously share that gift with us! Thank you for the light, love & peace you fill this world with.


-Micki D.


 I had the most amazing, life changing experience with J at the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal this last weekend. I had the opportunity to experiencing the New Moon Self Love Wellness Weekend, given by Sacred Dynamics, with QiGong movement, Pranayama Breathing and deep guided meditation classes. These beach experiences, given over three days, brought deeper clarity and inner healing to my body and soul which I will continue to practice the rest of my life... 

-Julie D.


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