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Advanced Healing
and Self Mastery

Self is the one reality that always exists and it is by it's light all other

things are seen."

- Sri Ramana Maharishi



The Un-Journey


"Sacred Dynamics is an exclusive, bespoke coaching system that draws from ancient and contemporary knowledge, science, wisdom and healing arts.

Self Mastery, or “The Great Work” is known in many sacred traditions of the world, as the synthesis and actualization of the mind, body, and spirit." - J Smith

Are you feeling the shift?

The ancient mystery schools taught that one's true awakening consisted of the correct use of energy and opportunity; of realizing that life which supports us is a sacred and spiritual force. Sacred physics has proven that our concept of separation is only an illusion.

In the new paradigm, we are re-awakening to the inherent connection in all living things. We are re-awakening to the power inherent in the Sacred Heart intelligence. 

The purpose of energy is to create, preserve, and beautify. The solutions to every challenge you may currently be facing can be found inside of you, by removing the veil shrouding the Universal Divine Self within. 

Sacred Dynamics offers intuitive guided training and support to those on their path of healing and awakening, to lead them back into the heart, onto their aligned path of the True Self, and the subsequent restoration of humanity. 

Drawing from ancient Self-knowledge; the wisdom of the Heart, holistic-wellness tools, the five biological laws, mind-body training, spiritual practices, and secrets of the universe, we make the Quantum leap together. 

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The Calling

From its very essence, Sacred Dnamics is a nucleus of living wisdom and flowing potential, skillfully shaped through healing, Self-mastery, and the realization process.


J launched Sacred Dynamics following a harrowing stage-four health journey, which became the catalyst for his transformational awakening and subsequent expression and life‘s work. Through unwavering devotion and laser-focused effort, J subsequently activated the Kundalini-Shakti light body, was flooded with pure love


Consciousness and became an intuitive instrument of service. With

honor, J serves as a guide to navigating Consciousness and the spiritual path, unlocking true Self-awareness, activating soul gifts, unleashing intrinsic powers, and fully shining with the pure love and wisdom emanating from one’s core.

By working with natural laws, natural cycles and the rhythmic energies within, students learn to effortlessly live from a place of surrender and flow with all of life, in this sacred container, they are held and supported to thrive and discover Eternal Truth. 

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“Our sessions are changing my
life in ways I could never

- Daniela W.

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The Calling

Life Isn't Happening to You - Life is Responding to You

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Grounding Presence

Journey into the denser realms to reveal, accept and reintegrate splintered aspects of our totality which contain creative life force and vitality.

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Healing energy is channeled, shaped, focused, and amplified - removing energy blocks, liberating creative force and revitalizing 

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Qi Gong Self Healing guidance cultivating life force energy and awakening Self Healing and Activation.

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Holistic Integrative guidance unifying the Mind-Body-Spirit and removing barriers to access quantum leaps. 

Ancient knowledge, the wisdom of Earth, holistic wellness tools, spiritual practices, and secrets of the universe are used to guide and support you on your path of awakening, leading you deeply into your heart, your aligned path and the highest vision for yourself and humanity.

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Breath Work

Advanced Breathing guidance. Techniques & exercises focusing total conscious awareness on liberation and transformation. 

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Self Inquiry

Through guided self inquiry practices & hypno-therapeutic guidance we cultivate Self awareness and higher states of being.

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Sound frequency tuning to allow and reset the nervous system with precision tuning forks.

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New Germanic

Implementation of the scientific and intuitive dynamics of trauma, symptoms and healing that cultivate medical sovereignty.

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"I have had nothing less than a complete psychic change and spiritual awakening that has without a doubt saved my life; melted away all anxiety and depression that I was once living in. " 


I recognize that I have only scratched the surface of what has now become my life’s work. I have never come across someone who dedicates this amount of life to working on himself and others. He is an inspiration to all of us and I highly recommend reaching out if you are willing. Maximum respect."

- Scott H.

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"I have been working with J for nearly two years and the spiritual, psychological, and holistic wellness guidance I have received from J has transformed my life.


Several medical conditions have been eradicated, including an impending knee replacement that has become unnecessary, allowing me to play sports, painlessly, 4 - 5 times a week.


Moreover, I have experienced my true spiritual essence. Through personalized qigong, breath work and meditation practices I have reached a deep calm and happiness and have learned how to stay connected to myself at a deeper level than I knew existed.


Thank you for everything Jason!"

-Rob Z.



"My series with J has dramatically improved all areas of my life.  This work is so important and truly life changing.  While it feels impossible to accurately put words to this opportunity, I can say with confidence that this is the most important and transformative experience I’ve ever had. 


The reduced inflammation and overall difference in well being is so evident it is shocking.  This is such an obvious example of the overall holistic improvement I have experienced in this series, physically spiritually and mentally."





"I had the most amazing, life changing experience with J at the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal this last weekend. I had the opportunity to experiencing the New Moon Self Love Wellness Weekend, given by Sacred Dynamics, with QiGong movement, Pranayama Breathing and deep guided meditation classes.


These beach experiences, given over three days, brought deeper clarity and inner healing to my body and soul which I will continue to practice the rest of my life..."

-Julie D.

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