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Welcome to your paradigm shift in understanding illness and the healing process


Welcome to Germanische Heilkunde, also known as German New Medicine or GNM/GHK.


The approach used in Contemporary medicine focuses exclusively on the symptoms present within the patient, which they elect to fight and suppress. 


Through GHK we learn that our health “problems” are actually misunderstood biological solutions. 


Observe that your body is a survival and adaptation genius… 

"German New Medicine is not a holistic fad, modality or treatment. It is an advanced understanding of how the human body functions, and the cause of illnesses." - Dr. Melissa Sell

Observe through an increased awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions to the events of life and understanding how your biology is responding to your state of BEing. 


Learn to overcome the fear of symptoms and adopt the mindset of healing.. 


"Innerstand" through Natural Law & Innate intelligence. 


GHK is personally observable and empirical science, founded on the 5 Biological Laws of Nature by the late Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, once the youngest accredited allopathic physician in Germany.

Dr. Hamer had impressively confirmed this on over 50,000 patients. To this day, no one has successfully disproven the Biological Laws of Nature discovered and described by Dr. Hamer. 


The most significant difference from contemporary medicine is that GHK can name and prove the causes of all illnesses, i.e. cancer, chronic illnesses, allergies and psychoses.


GHK is successful in the "treatment of diseases" by working directly at the root cause.

“The reduced inflammation and overall difference in well being is so evident it is shocking.  This is such an obvious example of the overall holistic improvement I have experienced in this series, physically spiritually and mentally." ~ Rachel

Contemporary medicine, on the other hand, claims to know the causes of diseases and puts forward 5,000 hypotheses, but it cannot prove these claims. The most common of these hypotheses are:

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Virus

  • Infection [contagion]

  • Genetic [inherited] 

  • Cholesterol

  • Smoking

  • Unhealthy diet ..... 

This Natural healing knowledge is provable and verifiable on your own body, 

“It is hard to describe the significance of my physical body changing from chemical dependance and mindless consumption to freedom from all prescriptions and poisons and feeding with purpose…" ~ Scott

Sacred Dynamics is an official affiliate of the Germansche Heilkunde International Academy.

Links to their programs appear below.

Educate yourself while you are healthy

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